Town Hall Style Event Facilitation

Arizona Town Hall works with clients to help plan and implement events that meet client needs.  Most events involve some form of Arizona Town Hall style facilitation, which includes the following elements that have been found to contribute to consensus building discussions and recommendations:

  • Background materials that provide participants a general understanding of the discussion topic sufficient to promote meaningful participation in the discussion by all participants.
  • Discussion questions and outline that are designed to avoid the appearance of bias and facilitate meaningful discussion leading to concrete recommendations.
  • A neutral chair who helps participants delve into a topic and keeps the group on task and discussions civil and respectful.
  • A neutral recorder who is trained to synthesize discussions into a consensus statement, which is read to and approved by the participants before the conclusion of the event.

Arizona Town Hall has assembled and trained a group of skilled facilitators who can staff your event.  For examples of the types of persons who serve as facilitators check out some of our past Panel Chairs Panel Chairs and Discussion Leaders and Report Committee Members Panel Recorders and Report Writers.

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