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Arizona Town Hall is a non-profit organization that brings diverse people together to solve critical and often divisive policy issues

Training in Arizona Town Hall Style Meeting Facilitation Enhances Leadership Skills

Arizona Town Hall training sessions offer people the opportunity to learn how to facilitate a group discussion in Arizona Town Hall style. In approximately 5 hours, experienced members of our training committee will explain the town hall process and procedures, and with the help of concise and informative written materials provide training and tips on how to handle situations that may arise in the context of the group discussions. This general instruction is followed by the opportunity for hands on practice chairing or recording a group discussion, with feedback and opportunities to practice techniques and improve skills. These training sessions introduce volunteer facilitators to the processes that optimize group participation and effectiveness. Training covers event design, issue framing, discussion facilitation, consensus-building, and recording consensus statements and recommendations.

Upon completion of this training, workshop participants can become eligible to serve in a discussion leader or recorder role at Arizona Town Hall sponsored or staffed events. Trainees also become more effective group facilitators in a wide variety of situations in their work organizations and communities.

Arizona Town Hall training sessions are generally organized in connection with an upcoming three-day town hall. From time to time a large group or master training session will be offered. In addition, we can provide customized training to meet the needs of a specific group. If you are interested in enrolling in one of our training sessions or scheduling a customized training session, please contact us.

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