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Arizona Town Hall is a non-profit organization that brings diverse people together to solve critical and often divisive policy issues

Arizona Town Hall Can Help Your Organization Develop Leaders and Create Solutions

For more than 50 years, Arizona Town Hall has been at the forefront of engaging Arizonans through a process of informed civil discourse to help solve critical and often divisive issues while also strengthening participants’ understanding of and relationships with each other. Since 2006, Arizona Town Hall also has served as a consultant to business, government, and other organizations who have requested the use of the Town Hall process to promote robust and respectful dialogue toward an end of developing recommendations for solving often contentious issues. We bring people together and help them find common ground.

Arizona Town Hall is:

  • Experienced in all aspects of planning, hosting and facilitating meetings and discussions designed to engage and facilitate discussion among diverse participants, including planning and coordination, scheduling, agendas, discussion questions, background/briefing reports, facilitation of discussion, arranging for speakers, and working with media
  • Familiar with Arizona, meeting venues and logistics, politics, experts, media and other resources
  • Connected to Arizona communities, convening and facilitating one statewide Town Halls and up to 40 Community Programs each year throughout Arizona
  • Capable of mobilizing a team of expert  facilitators trained in the Arizona Town Hall process to facilitate contentious discussions among participants of varying group size and record those elements of the discussion where participants find consensus
  • Skilled at preparing reports that integrate participants’ discussions and summarize overall recommendations
Whether you need to develop a vision, resolve differences, obtain public input, craft a solution, or merely facilitate a civil discussion about important issues, using Arizona Town Hall's unique process can make your next event more effective and enjoyable, and our experience can link you to useful resources and save valuable time.

Arizona Town Hall’s strength is in listening and creating consensus. Arizona Town Hall helps organizations to prioritize the most effective action items for change. I would use the Arizona Town Hall for any business or organization that needs to bring people together, develop new ideas and move them to action. What is unique about the Arizona Town Hall process is that everyone has a voice and becomes engaged.”  - Cathy Chiang, Arizona Public Service  

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