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Arizona Town Hall is a non-profit organization that brings diverse people together to solve critical and often divisive policy issues

Upcoming Town Hall

113th Statewide Town Hall
Creating Vibrant Communities

In Person: January 24-26, 2022
One E Continental Dr
Tempe, AZ 85281

Virtual: January 20-21 and 24-26, 2022 
Mornings only and online through Zoom

In Person Date & Attendance Requirements: Attendees should reserve the entire period of January 24-26, 2022 from Monday morning to midday Wednesday. 

Dress code for the Town Hall is business casual.

Virtual Participation Date & Attendance Requirements: Attendees should reserve the mornings of Thursday, January 20, Friday, January 21, and Monday, January 24 through Wednesday, January 26, 2022.

Active participation by each participant throughout the entire process is essential.

The concluding plenary session Wednesday morning is a critical phase of the Town Hall process during which participants finalize the Recommendations Report.

Click here to review the Brief Agenda.

For those who would like to stay in the area for the duration of the event, click here for a list of adjacent hotels and lodging accommodations. 



Complete your Biographical Information by clicking this link.

The last day for refunds is Friday, January 14, 2022.

Cost: The cost for in-person attendance, meals, and registration is $480.

Virtual attendance and registration is $280. Virtual participants will be provided with a separate program schedule.

Virtual participants, observers, and guests can purchase and attend meals separately.

If you plan to attend the Town Hall as an observer, click here to register using the "Observer" option and choose your meals.

Meal Programs: All meal programs are open to the general public. If you do not plan to attend as a participant or as an observer, click here to register and choose which meal programs you wish to attend.

Participants spend the bulk of their time participating in facilitated discussions designed to build consensus for future action.Activities: Participants spend the bulk of their time participating in facilitated discussions designed to build consensus for future action. Meal programs will feature recognized speakers on the topic, as well as other informative presentations.

Scholarships Available: While many diverse individuals are invited, often the fees or time away from work prevents their participation. Scholarship funds can help to alleviate some of those issues.

Click here to download and print the Scholarship Application Form.

Types of Scholarship Funds: Thanks to a scholarship fund established by Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), more Arizona small business owners will have their opinions heard when it comes to issues important to the state. The scholarship has been named after former Arizona Town Hall President, Shirley Agnos. The BCBS scholarship fund is used to invite and engage small business leaders who might not otherwise be able to participate in the three-day Town Hall process. Individual scholarships shall not exceed $500.

Other scholarships are sometimes available. For additional information, please contact the Arizona Town Hall office by email at townhall@aztownhall.org.

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