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103rd Arizona Town Hall Photos

40 photo(s) Updated on: Thursday, November 14, 2013
  • George Rushing.
  • Trinity Donovan, Jennifer Frownfelter, and Emma Gully.
  • Chair Dave Howell and Recorder Laura Sixkiller of Panel Yucca.
  • George Miraben and Rebecca Timmer.
  • Special entertainment provided by Northern Arizona University School of Music students.
  • Eric Descheenie.
  • Scott Rhodes.
  • Shanna Kukla, Laura Sixkiller, Betsy Peck, and Jaymie Jacobs.
  • Stella Carr, Aubrey Durham, and Karen Ortiz.
  • John Haeger, President of Northern Arizona University, awarded the Shirley Agnos Arizona Town Hall Legacy Award by Shirley Agnos.
  • Casey Rooney and Scott Rhodes.
  • Shirley Agnos and John Haeger.
  • Shawn Buckhanan.
  • Mary Beth Turner, Lucille Watahomigie, and Char Imus.
  • Aubrey Durham, Recorder Gus Schneider, and Chair George Miraben of Panel Hedgehog.
  • Monday evening's featured Speaker Rob Grunewald.
  • Torri Anderson, Patty Merk, and Anne Babinsky Rawlings.
  • Tom Slonaker and Len Kirschner.
  • Bob Strain, Cory Underhill, Chet Hedden, La Vonne Douville, and Jane Strain.
  • Gina Villareal and Mayra Chin.
  • Patt Nightingale.
  • Len Kirschner, Scott Rhodes, and Barry Williams.
  • Emma Gully, Casey Rooney, and Rebecca Timmer.
  • President Tara Jackson and Madeline Loughlin.
  • Tammy Lynn McConahay and Kim Winzer.
  • Panel Ocotillo discussion.
  • Shanna Tautolo, Roxanne Thomas, and Marty Shultz of Panel Ocotillo.
  • Char Imus, Mary Beth Turner, and Tannya Gaxiola of Panel Cholla.
  • Recorder Emma Gully and Chair Rebecca Timmer of Panel Cholla.
  • Recorder Jennifer Frownfelter and Chair Casey Rooney of Panel Saguaro.
  • Panel Hedgehog discussion.
  • Todd Sanders and Sandy Merz.
  • Dee Tamminen, Mayra Chin, and Julie Torres.
  • Brenda Thomas, Scott Turner, Nina Slonaker and Kimberly Flack
  • Marilee Dal Pra
  • Recorder Emma Gully and Panel Chair Rebecca Timmer of Panel Cholla
  • John Field at Plenary Session

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