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Learn more about past topics addressed by Arizona Town Hall by accessing our historical reports. 


Below is a listing of Town Halls and other publications related to that topic. Click the links below to download and read a digital copy of the reports. Click the Town Hall number to visit the individual topic's media page.

114th Town Hall

"Mental Illness, Substance Use, and Homelessness"

Coming soon...

96th Town Hall

"Building Arizona's Future: Jobs, Innovation & Competitiveness"

95th Town Hall

"Riding the Fiscal Roller Coaster: Government Revenue in Arizona"

Full Final Report

8-page Highlights Piece

91st Town Hall

"Land Use: Challenges and Choices for the 21st Century"

Final Recommendations Report

8-page Highlights Piece

90th Town Hall

"Health Care in Arizona: Accessibility, Affordability and Accountability"

Final Recommendations Report

89th Town Hall

"Arizona's Rapid Growth and Development: People and the Demand for Services"

Final Recommendations Report

"Arizona's Rapid Growth and Development: Natural Resources and Infrastructure"

Final Recommendations Report

87th Town Hall

"Maximizing Arizona's Opportunities in the Biosciences and Biotechnology"

Final Recommendations Report

86th Town Hall

"Arizona as a Border State - Competing in the Global Economy"

Final Recommendations Report

85th Town Hall

"Arizona's Water Future: Challenges

and Opportunities"

Full Final Report

84th Town Hall

"Pre-K Through 12 Education:

Choices for Arizona's Future"

Final Recommendations Report

83rd Town Hall

"The Realities of Arizona's

Fiscal Planning Processes"

Final Recommendations Report

"Health Care Options:

Healthy Aging - Later Life Decisions"

Final Recommendations Report

Historic Topics

Since 1962 there have been 113 Statewide Town Halls. Below are the individual pages for the summaries, media, and other items relating to the 75th through 113th Town Halls.

Electronic copies of reports of the 82nd through 113th Town Halls may be downloaded by clicking on the links below. To purchase copies of printed reports contact the Arizona Town Hall office at (602) 252-9600 or by email at

For more information of Town Halls not listed here, visit the Past Town Hall Topics page.

For copies of older Town Hall reports and other documents, please contact the Arizona Town Hall office by phone at (602) 252-9600 or by email at

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