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78th Arizona Town Hall
Moving All of Arizona into the 21st Century Economy
May 13 - 16, 2001

Arizona's economy is undergoing profound and fundamental changes. New technologies have led to the creation of a multitude of new businesses and opportunities. Established, traditional businesses and industries also have been strongly influenced by new technologies. The ability of our state to effectively compete in this new economy is an issue that affects all of Arizona's citizens. Following are just a few of the recommendations from the 78th Arizona Town Hall that looked toward strengthening the state's economy to compete in an increasingly global economic arena.

  • Arizona needs a collective vision for the future and must coordinate existing plans, such as Growing Smarter and the Arizona Partnership for the New Economy, to rapidly implement these existing plans. This unified implementation plan should address education and technology and the needs of our diverse population. The critical importance of these plans and the compelling need for swift implementation must be communicated throughout our public and private sectors.
  • Arizona's existing infrastructure is inadequate to move all of Arizona into the 21st century economy. Improvements need to made in the areas of social infrastructure (such as health care and education) and technical infrastructure (such as transportation, communications, human and natural resources).
  • Many areas outside of Maricopa and Pima Counties, in particular, suffer from higher unemployment and poverty rates. Needed resources should be directed to rural areas based on need rather than traditional allocation methods such as population or mileage statistics. Plans for development of Arizona's rural economy must recognize the diversity that characterizes our state.
  • Town Hall recommends the implementation of a centralized repository of relevant economic data. The development of this central data source must be a coordinated effort among the private sector, government entities and educational institutions.
  • Arizona needs to have a cohesive overall tax policy and should form a community-based task force to engage in a thorough examination of its tax system at all levels to insure that Arizona's tax system is adequate, equitable and competitive.

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