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92nd Arizona Town Hall
Who Will Teach Our Children
April 27-30, 2008

The 92nd Town Hall recommends a fundamental redesign of both Arizona's PreK-12 education system and the post-secondary system that supports education preparation programs. Changes must be implemented to ensure that each child in Arizona receives the quality education necessary to be competitive in a global marketplace.

While the Town Hall recognizes that change will take time and significant resources, nine goals must be advanced on an urgent timeline.

  • Define teaching as a distinguished profession.
  • Promote teaching as a distinguished profession.
  • Provide teachers with professional pay linked with systemic education reform.
  • Restructure Arizona's system for funding PreK-12 public education.
  • Implement a consistent, statewide professional development system with a strong mentoring component.
  • Focus teacher recruitment and retention efforts in areas of high need.
  • Improve pre-service programs.
  • Streamline the certification process.
  • Recognize early childhood education within the teaching profession.

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