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2020-2021 Town Halls
Creating Vibrant Communities

When families are strong and children thrive, the community prospers.

The 2020 Arizona Town Halls will address the topic of Creating Vibrant Communities.

Every facet of what enables people and communities to be healthy, resilient, productive, and happy is on the table. Specifically, the 2020 Arizona Town Hall is concentrating on how sectors can collaborate for a much greater combined positive effect.

By “leveling up” in this way, we can collectively identify and activate Arizona’s game changers.

What is a Vibrant Community?

A vibrant community is—at its core—a healthy and supportive environment for all. It is a community that inclusively taps human, constructed, and natural capital to thrive and grow together.

What are the Elements of a Healthy Community?

There are 14 elements of a healthy community* that must be present when creating vibrant communities. These elements are deeply rooted in the premise that addressing the overall health of a community requires an understanding of more than just its physical well-being.

  • Access to Care
  • Affordable Quality Housing
  • Community Safety
  • Economic Opportunity
  • Educational Opportunity
  • Environmental Quality
  • Quality Affordable Food
  • Community Design
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Social/Cultural Cohesion
  • Social Justice
  • Transportation Options
  • Healthy Equity
  • Resiliency

When all these elements are intentionally cultivated, coordinated, and mutually aligned, communities thrive and prosper.

Throughout 2020, we will be facilitating online Community Town Halls to explore the above elements, identify priorities and unlock the potential for cross-element collaboration that helps Arizona communities “level up” their capacity for vibrancy. Each Community Town Hall’s recommendations will feed into and build toward the Statewide Town Hall convening and final recommendations report

* The elements are informed by the work of the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Elements of a Healthy Community wheel was designed and produced by Vitalyst Health Foundation in collaboration with community partners. For more information, visit http://livewellaz.org/

"Creating Vibrant Communities" Programs

Location Program
Program Date & Registration Link
Event Flier Final Report
Online Sun Health Virtual Community Town Hall July 30, 2020
Click here.
AzAEYC Virtual Community Town Hall August 27, 2020
Click here.
Sun Health Virtual Community Town Hall
September 30, 2020
Click here.
Online Tucson Virtual Future Leaders Town Hall October 10, 2020 Click here. Click here.
Sun Health Virtual Community Town Hall
October 14, 2020
Click here.
Sun Health Virtual Community Town Hall
October 22, 2020

Click here.
Online SEAGO Virtual Community Town Hall November 20, 2020 Click here. Click here.
Online The Pathway to Creating Vibrant Communities
Background Report Author Panel Webinar
December 3, 2020 Click here.

Prescott Virtual Community Town Hall December 16, 2020 Click here.
Click here.
SWATH (Yuma) Virtual Community Town Hall January 29, 2021 Coming soon.
Coming soon.
Online  Paradise Valley Community College February 18, 2021 Coming soon. Coming soon.
113th Statewide Town Hall Fall 2021
Coming soon. Coming soon.

If you would like to arrange a virtual program for your community, contact us today.

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