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Arizona Town Hall is a non-profit organization that brings diverse people together to solve critical and often divisive policy issues

Town Hall Committees and Leadership

The Arizona Town Hall relies heavily on its volunteer members to shape and help execute its signature events and the programming that supports each one.

Executive Committee

Pat Norris, Chair

Carries out the work of the Board.  Meets quarterly or more frequently if necessary.

Investment Committee

Hank Peck, Chair

Oversees and makes recommendations relating to Arizona Town Hall Investments.

Nominating Committee

Jamie Matanovich, Chair
Bruce L. Dusenberry, Vice Chair

Examines board and officer (including Executive Committee) structure and prepares a slate for election of new board and executive committee members as well as officers. Generally meets once in the Spring.

Communications & Marketing Committee

David Howell, Chair

Manages communications and marketing strategies that enhance the visibility, economic stability and image of Arizona Town Hall, both to the public and to the membership. Devises means for disseminating Arizona Town Hall information to more effectively increase education, implementation and more active participation with the Town Hall. Meetings of approximately two hours each are scheduled as needed.

Human Resources Committee

L. J. "Chip" U'Ren, Chair

Helps to guide decisions on staffing levels, job descriptions, office policies and compensation programs. One or two meetings are held per year.

Technology Committee

Toby Payne, Chair

Helps to guide decisions on technology acquisition and management.

Research Committee

Susan Goldsmith, Chair

Works with representatives from the state’s universities to develop the scope and initial outline for each Town Hall background report. Reviews final detailed outline and critiques final draft of each report. Identifies and involves directly impacted sectors of the community on the subjects for each Town Hall. Studies, devises and recommends mechanisms to improve objectivity and relevancy of Town Hall research reports. Four meetings approximately four hours each are held per year.

Training Committee

Gregory Falls, Chair
Jeff Scudder, Vice Chair

Conducts training session prior to each Town Hall to prepare panel chairs, panel recorders and report chairs and to perfect discussion questions used for each Town Hall. Conducts a “Master Training Program” biennially to recruit, train and establish a list of potential Town Hall recorders for the following Town Hall sessions.  (Attorneys receive continuing legal education credits for their participation as a panel chair and recorder.) If you’d like to go through a training program to be a panel chair or recorder, please email tarajackson@aztownhall.org.

Community Town Halls Committee

Elizabeth McNamee, Chair

Coordinates and manages Community Town Halls.

Development Committee

Bill Garfield, Chair

Reviews organizational needs, establishes development processes (including both member and non-member prospects), identifies available resources and seeks out new resources. Drafts materials used in development, including, but not limited to, documents used in grants, articles for newsletters, and consulting proposal documents. Cultivates additional partnerships and fund-raising opportunities, including but not limited to endowments, planned giving, major gifts, and special events. Participates in the organization’s stewardship efforts including personally thanking donors and members for their investment. Develops and coordinates special events. Coordinates efforts with other committees.

The Development Committee is divided into 6 subcommittees:
  • Educational Institutions - Linda Elliott-Nelson, Vice Chair
  • Public Sector - Casey Rooney, Vice Chair
  • Individuals - Patrick McWhortor, Vice Chair
  • Consulting Contracts - Eric Marcus, Vice Chair
  • Healthcare - Len Kirschner, Vice Chair
  • Special Events - Mary Grier, Vice Chair
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