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Arizona Town Hall: Changing the Territory and the Ending

What questions should we be asking now? Some people may answer that question by saying we should start by listening.

We have had years and years to listen. But, have we heard?

As Arizona Cardinal’s player Larry Fitzgerald wrote recently in The New York Times, “this is not new territory for our America.” 

Larry Fitzgerald is right. This is not new territory for America. And, it’s not new territory for Arizona, either.

But, this old territory can give us, as Larry Fitzgerald also wrote, an opportunity to hear – really hear – all of the voices around us and to start on the hard work of facing down systemic injustice and racism: “Our first step must be to listen to one another – to sincerely lean in and hear what the person who is different from us is saying.”

Arizona Town Hall will be hosting a series of virtual town halls to hear – truly hear – all voices, and to discuss what we can individually and collectively do to face down systemic injustice and racism. To paraphrase C. S. Lewis, we “can’t go back and change the beginning,” but by hearing – truly hearing and acting on what we hear – “we can start where we are and change the ending.” 

Patricia K. Norris, Arizona Town Hall Board Chair 
Tara Jackson, Arizona Town Hall President

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