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Arizona Town Hall is a non-profit organization that brings diverse people together to solve critical and often divisive policy issues


Welcome to Arizona Town Hall

Arizona Town Hall educates, engages, connects, and empowers people to resolve important issues through consensus, not division, using a process based on respectful dialogue that values diverse perspectives, builds relationships and fosters leadership development.

Play the video below to listen to a podcast hosted by Stu Turgel with Arizona Town Hall President Tara Jackson talking about what Arizona Town Hall is and does.


Arizona Town Hall is governed by a board of directors, representing a composite of leadership from Arizona's 15 counties and from diverse occupations and interests. Board members are elected to two-year staggered terms.

          Shirley Agnos (left) receives a special photo album in recognition of her dedication to the Arizona Town Hall.

Read this article in the Arizona Republic from member and frequent Town Hall participant Talonya Adams: "Arizona Town Hall builds unity, voice and purpose."

“I would recommend the Town Hall to anyone who is interested in lively discussions and helping create solutions to changing the direction of what happens in our State. Timely discussions that ultimately reach a consensus have an impact on the general public and changes that can be made will make life better for Arizonans.”

-Melissa Avant, Regional Coordinator, First Things First, Sierra Vista

  1. We have over 55 years of proven success in creating consensus-based policy.
  2. We provide comprehensive, neutral forums on Arizona’s most complex and difficult issues.
  3. We focus on solutions.
  4. All voices are equal. All voices are heard.
  5. We build unity by embracing and celebrating diversity.
  6. We educate, engage, connect, and empower individuals and communities.
  7. We hone leadership skills for current and future leaders.
  8. Our discussions are relevant to all communities, organizations, and levels of government.
  9. Arizona Town Hall programs are unique experiences that inspire thousands of Arizonans into action.
  10. We offer opportunities for people to come together to discuss important issues in a positive and respectful way.

“Arizona Town Hall is one of the best examples of how to safely and effectively solicit public input and discussion on significant and potentially controversial issues.”

- Denise Meridith, President & CEO, Denise Meridith Consultants Inc.

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