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Arizona & Mexico Town Hall
Cross-Border Connecting/Conexión Transfronteriza
2020 Virtual Town Hall Series

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Arizonan and Sonoran professionals who generally work from the office or enjoy the hustle and bustle of repeatedly traversing the border between the United States and Mexico to meet their colleagues and business contacts find themselves working from home due to government regulations, a closed border prohibiting non-essential traffic or company mandated “work at home” policies.  These restrictions have forced companies and employees to revisit how the traditional work unit should stay connected and engaged with their teams and business partners located across the globe.

Participants built professional networks while providing important recommendations that can play a critical role in shaping the regional development strategy for the Arizona-Sonora megaregion.

Read the reports from each program below.


"COVID-19 Cross-Border Challenges" 
July 16, 2020

"Implementation of the USMCA – Opportunities for Arizona and Sonora" 
August 20, 2020

"What the Implementation of the USMCA Means to Multinational Corporations, Small/Medium-Sized Enterprises, and Entrepreneurs" 
September 17, 2020

"Arizona-Mexico Cross-Border Mayoral Panel" 
October 15, 2020

"Sports and Global Relations – How Ice Hockey Connects Us" 
November 20, 2020

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