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Arizona Town Hall is supported by companies and individuals that are committed to the ideas of respectful, consensus-driven dialogue and sharing perspectives on timely and critical issues. Revenue comes through registration fees, memberships, sponsorships, grants and a great deal of in-kind support. Arizona Town Hall also earns consulting fees for services provided to organizations that use  its process and expertise to work through challenges and identify new opportunities. Arizona Town Hall values and appreciates all these forms of support.

Arizona Town Hall is a private 501(c)(3) nonprofit, civic organization, and 100% of your voluntary contribution is tax deductible. Every contribution helps Arizona Town Hall continue to serve as a catalyst for innovative thinking and consensus-based solutions.Small and large donations and consulting contracts make a real difference!

  1. We have over 55 years of proven success in creating consensus-based policy.
  2. We provide comprehensive, neutral forums on Arizona’s most complex and difficult issues.
  3. We focus on solutions.
  4. All voices are equal. All voices are heard.
  5. We build unity by embracing and celebrating diversity.
  6. We educate, engage, connect, and empower individuals and communities.
  7. We hone leadership skills for current and future leaders.
  8. Our discussions are relevant to all communities, organizations, and levels of government.
  9. Arizona Town Hall programs are unique experiences that inspire thousands of Arizonans into action.
  10. We offer opportunities for people to come together to discuss important issues in a positive and respectful way.

Arizona Town Hall is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that brings diverse people together to solve critical and often divisive policy issues

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